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Have you gone to a place where you had never been before?

A trip to a new place can be fun. But it can also be frightening. You could get lost because you do not know your way. The Travel Guide is like a map to the Bible. It can get you on the right track while you read.

Map of the Bible

The Travel Guide is like a map. It is like the map that a friend might draw on a small piece of paper. It is a 'map' to help you understand the Bible. It will not tell you everything about the Bible. But it will help you find your way as you read the Bible book-by-book.

The Bible is a large book made up of many smaller books. You may want to look at this map before you start reading a new book of the Bible. The map will help you look for the important people and places in each book.



This part will introduce you to the Bible. These parts will tell you what the Bible is all about. They tell you where it came from. They tell you why it is important.

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