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The New Testament | The General Letters

2 John & 3 John

Things to know

Where does the book begin?

These books are some of the last letters written in the New Testament*. They both begin with blessings*.

Places to go

2 John and 3 John are small books. Enjoy every part of both of them.

Where does the book end?

Both books end with greetings.

People to know



The Story of 2 John & 3 John

The letters called 2 John and 3 John are very short. But they are still very important. The writer of the book calls himself ‘the elder*’. Most people believe that John wrote these two letters. He used many of the same words that appear in the gospel* of John and the letter called 1 John. These two letters talk about many of the same things that 1 John talks about. People should love God and love other people. People should obey God’s commands. People should walk in the way of the truth.

John wrote these letters in a very personal way. He loved the people that he wrote to. He wanted them to have joy. He wanted them to have grace* and mercy* and peace*. And he did not want them to be fooled by false teachers.

So John warned them. Watch out for people who tried to fool you. They would say that Jesus did not come in a body. People like that were the enemies of Jesus. Do not let them fool you.

‘Dear friend, do not be like those who do evil*. Be like those who do good. Anyone who does what is good belongs to God. Anyone who does what is evil* has not really seen or known God.’ [1]

Some people in the church* were good examples to follow. [2] And some people were bad examples. [3] John wanted them to be careful to know the difference. They must welcome people who told the truth about Jesus. They must not listen to people who did not.


[1] 3 John 11

[2] 3 John 63 John 12; see 1 John 2:72 John 5

[3] 3 John 9

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