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When you listen
to a story...

Listen carefully.


Ask yourself some questions.

Questions that can help
you REMEMBER the story:

1. What happens in the story?

2. When does it happen?

3. In what order do things happen?

4. Who are the people in the story?

5. What do the characters say?

Questions that can help
UNDERSTAND the story:

1. What did you like about the story?

2. What part of the story was hard to understand?

3. Was there anything in the story that confused you or made you feel uncomfortable?

Questions that can help
BENEFIT from the story:

1. What did the story tell you about God?

2. What does the story tell you about people?

3. How does the story apply to you?

After you have answered the questions, you should know the story well.


Now it is time for you to tell the story to someone else.

After all, why just listen to these great stories when you can learn to tell them yourself? That is how these stories came to us. One person told another, then another, then another, until someone wrote them down. Now, you can learn them too! These are some of the most important stories ever told. It might be a very good idea for you to know how to tell them too.

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