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We love to tell stories in Simple English

These are stories in simple English. They are all stories from the Bible. We made them very easy to understand. We wrote them for people who are learning English. If you have never heard stories from the Bible, these stories are for you. These stories can help you learn English. They can also help you learn about Jesus.

Why do we tell these stories?

Listen to our stories and you will learn some things. In fact, you will learn some things about us – the people who tell the stories.

All of our stories are from the Bible.

We think that the Bible is an important book.

In fact, we think the Bible is the most important book ever. The Bible is God’s way of speaking to us. The Bible is not the only way God has spoken. But if we did not have the Bible, we would know almost nothing about God.

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All of our stories help you find the way.

We think knowing God is the most important thing that anyone can ever know. Our world is not what we want it to be. We are not the kind of people we wish we were. Our world is not what God wants it to be. But God has made a way for all of that to change. The way is not just a new way of thinking. The way can only be found when we put our trust in the only person who can show us the way. That person is Jesus. He knows the way because He IS the way.

All of our stories talk about Jesus

We think that Jesus is a most important person. Yes, there are stories about other people too. But those stories are all tied together in some way. They all tell us something about the story of Jesus. Jesus is so important because Jesus is God. He is God who came to live among us. Jesus’ life shows us what God is like. Jesus’ life shows us what we should be like. And Jesus’ life and his death make the way so that we can have the kind of life we need to be right with God. To prove that Jesus’ life is that important, God made Jesus alive again after he died. Jesus is alive today and you can know him.


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