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We exist to help people understand the Bible.

Because so many people in the world know English, we write in English. But because not everyone who knows English is a Native Speaker of English, we write in Simple English. We write in Simple English so that the largest number of people can read what we write. We write in Simple English to make what we write easy to understand and easy to translate.


What We Believe

The writers of this website are all followers of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus is God. They believe that he came to earth to rescue people from sin. They believe that Jesus died on a cross, but he did not stay in the grave. He rose again from the dead. He went back to heaven. He sent his Spirit to call people to follow him and help them live holy lives. They believe that Jesus will return to earth to judge all people. After this, he will make a new heaven and a new earth. He will live there with those who love him for ever. They believe that God tells us about himself in the pages of the Bible. They believe that the Bible is true because the Bible is the Word of God.

How To Use This Site

All of the pages on this website can be copied and used at no cost. If you use the material, include the following credit line:

First published by A Simple Word ( Used by permission.


Our Goal

We want the things we write to be helpful. We want the things we write to be clear. We want the things we write to be correct. If you read what we write and you believe something is not correct, or clear, or helpful, please write to us. You will find out how to write to us on the Contact Us page.

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